What Happens in Vegas is changing.

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We’re letting users in to GV slowly as we make progress creating with precision the GenVegas 3D interactive, generative AI experience.

Maintaining a responsible and ethical approach towards development of artificial intelligence based technologies, such as GenVegas, and other GenAI virtual experiences so we’re releasing slowing after plentiful testing.

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GrenVegas: Slots., Aces & Casino Chips

What does GenVegas do?

We are training large language models on all things Las Vegas so our visitors are entertained for a much better price than flying to SinCity.

3D & Interactive, Generative AI Vegas Experience

GenVegas: 3D Interactive Generative AI Vegas Experience
Adobe Firefly AI ART Demo Only

Vegas Casino Gaming in a Generative AI World.

GenVegas: generative AI slot machines
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Interactive GenAI Entertainment – Vegas Style.

Interactive GenAI Entertainment Vegas Style
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Bringing Vegas excitement to the world of Generative A.I..

Perhaps we could explore this issue of creating a generative AI Las Vegas virtual experience, in a more thoughtful direction. Artificial intelligence based technology has amazing potential to create new forms of entertainment, engagement and community. But like any powerful tool, it also carries risks if used irresponsibly or excessively.

Games of chance exist along a spectrum of healthy recreation to unhealthy addiction. As with many facets of life, moderation is key. Seeking balance, evaluating our motivations, and considering the broader impacts of our actions can guide us to wiser choices.

Progress requires grappling with complex questions in nuanced ways. How could emerging technologies be harnessed for more uplifting purposes that enrich people’s lives? What principles and priorities should shape their development and use?

Simulated Vegas gambling experiences powered by Generative AI software, I hope will fulfill its role in cultivating more meaningful conversations on technology’s promise and perils. Perhaps imagining a more elevating vision for the future is a discussion worth having.

Bringning Vegas Excitement to the world of generative ai.
GenVegas: Futuristic Online Casino
Adobe Firefly AI ART Demo Only

“I took my first trip to the dazzling city of Las Vegas at 21 years of age. I instantly envisioned building a casino on the Vegas strip one day. I’ve always been a hardcore hustler when it comes to business. I don’t stop!

While good old Vegas slots might be fun to play, its expensive to travel and stay in hotels, pay for overpriced buffet’s, etc. Now yo don’t have to get on an airplane to enjoy the thrills, excitement and entertainment of Las Vegas. At GenVegas, our generative AI language models are finely tuned on all of the nuances of what it’s like staying on the LV Strip.

GenVegas will be the first & finest AI Vegas Gaming & Entertainment Platform.

Benjamin Ogden

GenVegas: Roulette GenAI Games

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